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Bush F’d up with North Korea and deeply harmed our security, China defense pact limits our options
Posted in Category: Propaganda-Media, War

[NOTE: Despite this article being predominately about War, and categorized under my War heading, this article is also categorized under Propaganda-Media. That’s because the article contains substantial criticism of Rush Limbaugh arising from Rush’s mind-numbing commentary about North Korea.]

George W. Bush F’d up big time with his reckless “tough guy” diplomacy toward North Korea. They have the capacity for many more bombs now it appears, due to Bush’s failed cowboy diplomacy. Finesse was needed with North Korea due to its Mutual Defense Pact with China, but Bush’s reckless tactics severely backfired.

Our leverage with North Korea is limited unless we wish war with China. Clinton had used diplomacy effectively to contain North Korea, but Bush recklessly abandoned Clinton’s approach, severely harming our security. Let’s start telling the truth about Bush’s failure in North Korea.

I decided to do some research into our diplomatic efforts to contain North Korea after I heard Bush apologist Rush Limbaugh say something dangerously uninformed on July 26, 2006.

On July 26, 2006, while listening to Rush Limbaugh try to blame Bill Clinton for our problems with North Korea, I then heard Rush say: “Clinton armed North Korea and then they killed millions of their people”.

Rush’s statement has two implications: 1) Bill Clinton armed North Korea, and 2) North Korea used those arms to kill millions of people. Neither assertion has any truth to them.

I was so stunned I HAD to research Rush’s claims. I expected to find Rush’s claims were complete BS, and that’s what I found. I found no evidence supporting either of the two implications of Rush’s statement.

But more importantly, I found that the real culprit is George W. Bush. [Links below]

The facts show that George W. Bush destroyed our nuclear security by his reckless abandonment of a diplomatic strategy toward North Korea that had been working for many years to contain the threat. North Korea is now a true threat, because of George W. Bush’s and the Republican’s reckless Cowboy diplomatic strategy.

And so, I must say THANK YOU to Rush for motivating me to learn some useful things about our history with North Korea. I feel much more informed now, because I studied on my own in retaliation after hearing Rush’s idiocy. Read on for more info and links.

Under Super Tough Patriot© George W. Bush and The Republican Machine, the USA’s hard-line attitude has caused North Korea to follow through on prior threats to extract bomb-grade plutonium from spent nuclear rods, increasing the threat to the USA’s security. Links below. Yes, Bush failed us, making us all substantially less secure, because he got recklessly “tough” with a nation who is backed by a China mutual defense pact.

Bill Clinton made peace by cutting deals. The peace is over, thanks to Bush. Dear Leader George W. Bush has, first, pushed North Korea to execute its prior threat to make plutonium, and second, Bush has known for years that North Korea was actively making plutonium [as they threatened to him that they would do] and has not been able to stop it, and now, due perhaps mainly to Bush’s own reckless provocations, North Korea has really become a Serious Genuine Nuclear Threat to America.

Read for yourself a couple of fascinating histories of our diplomatic efforts against North Korea. It appears Bill Clinton faced his own Cuban Missile Crisis in 1994. Then a breakthrough occurred, and diplomacy and semi-peace prevailed until Bush came into power and recklessly changed our diplomatic tactics. Now the North Koreans are making good on their prior threats to make plutonium, due to Bush’s hardline tactics.

Why can’t we just attack North Korea? Well, we’d have to go to war against China too, because of a 1961 defense pact. Bush F-D Up Big Time with North Korea, it seems to me, jeopardizing us all. Is there anyone who will criticise Bush for his major F-up in the media?

If you don’t want to read long histories, then see the following reports:

The term “Reality Based Community” has special meaning in this era of dangerously ignorant Republican Media

The above links [unless proven to contain materially false info], provide good evidence for why we Dems refer to ourselves as “The Reality Based Community”. The Republicans broadcast utter BS from their Right Wing Media Machine about how all of the Bush-caused crises are really Clinton’s fault. It’s pure dishonesty, and I’m constantly shocked that the Religious Right tolerates being associated with such overwhelming and dangerous immorality.

It’s time for Rush to retire. He’s become a buffoon whose idiocy is swallowed by millions to the detriment of America. We’ve very clearly become less safe because of the reckless policies of George W. Bush, but you won’t hear that reported in the Republican Media.

Rush Limbaugh is pumping dangerous BS into the American airwaves, probably repeating Rove’s talking points, to create the false impression that that our current crisis is NOT the result of failed Republican tactics and leadership in the war on terror.

Rush’s brand of “Dear Leader Can Do No Wrong” propaganda is dangerous to the American way of life and to our system of government.

Frankly, I kind of doubt that Rush even knows the non-Rovian side of any story he reports. I think he only reads things that reinforce Rove’s talking points. If he does know the fuller story, he’s dishonest, and that’s immoral.

Rush has a responsibility to the public - he’s using OUR airwaves. He is utterly failing in his moral obligation as one of our opinion leaders.

I think it’s time for Rush to retire. He’s hurting America through his moronic ignorance.

And by the way, I used to be a big Rush fan. In Rush’s Pre-Clinton years, he was actually a good natured humorous commentator. He’d make some outrageous comments, but it wasn’t with the hateful ignorance he now spews. In those good old days, Rush entertained while he satired and criticized. But then Bill Clinton got elected, and almost all of the good humored entertaining Rush vanished. Rush began to take himself “seriously”. He stopped the comedy. But he doesn’t have the interest in studying required to sound credible on just about any issue. He became what he is today, an ignoramous with a megaphone.

And on issues of national security, this ignoramous with a megaphone is doing grave harm to our future by leading people, in their ignorance, to support policies that make us all less secure.

Olive Branch to Rush

Rush, sorry to come down so hard on you. I used to listen regularly, back when you had a sense of humor. We even corresponded once via the original Compuserve, and you were good natured in replying. But you’ve become dangerously reckless in your devotion to Party, given your vast following, and I wish you’d consider some big changes for the good of the Nation.

I wish you would come to appreciate the great responsibility you have to America as one of our most influential opinion leaders. Your responsibility is to all of us, not just to your fanbase. Somewhat like a business that grows into a monopoly, you now have a larger responsibility to America as a whole. As Spiderman’s dad said, With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

You could, if you wanted, become the premier source for entertaining, yet truly informative, meaningful conversation. People would listen to you and your guests enlighten them about the difficult issues of our time, giving the major perspectives. You’d have to stop treating Democrats as the enemies of America, which may be impossible given the degree to which you are wedded to that particular riff. But I’d like to see you try.

I know my voice is just a whisper on the web, but I speak out nonetheless because I have a moral imperative as a patriotic American. Bush deeply hurt our security with his North Korea policies, the evidence shows. Reckless cowboy diplomacy feels good but doesn’t work well in a complex world.


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Bush F’d up with North Korea and deeply harmed our security, China defense pact limits our options

by on Wednesday July 26, 2006.
Category: Propaganda-Media, War.


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