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OUCH! JC Corcoran suspended on excuse of offensive comments
Posted in Category: Propaganda-Media

 This article was originally about a minor incident in years past involving JC (my favorite radio personality), but I updated it to also discuss a similar incident from 2008.  

UPDATE Feb 25, 2008 - JC was suspended two weeks ago, and his suspension has now been increased for two more weeks, using the lame excuse of offensive remarks. I suspect the suspension is a pretext, as contract leverage.

JC ranted about power outages, and made fun of an AmerenUE top executive. The executive is a minority. JC supposedly used a black dialect in joking about “black power” (electric power company run by a black person), and he joked about opening fire on AmerenUE from a tower. JC apologized immediately. But the station suspended JC for two weeks. Then, after JC served the suspension. the station upped the suspension to four weeks. Links to the story and audio are below, along with my speculation about what might be going on. JC’s rant was selectively edited to destroy its humor and make it sound sinister.

Emmis was laying people off at the time of JC’s suspension. Also, JC recently lost a part of his team, Jen Sparks. Hmmm. Is Emmis looking for contract leverage through this suspension?

In 2007, JC lost part of his morning show team when the station cut Jen Sparks. I can’t find a link to a news story about it. But take my word for it - Jen Sparks got cut from the show in 2007. If the cutting of Jen Sparks was financially motivated, then her cutting is consistent with my speculation that financial motives lay behind JC’s four week suspension.

JC works for Emmis Broadcasting at K-hits in St. Louis. Emmis was conducting layoffs across the nation and in St. Louis at about the time JC got suspended, a suspension that was two weeks and then was increased to four weeks. Will the suspension become a firing? And if it’s a firing, is the firing really motivated by the offensive comments, or by something else (and the comments are just the excuse)? I wonder if Emmis is looking for a way to escape from JC’s big contract.

The thing that makes me most suspicious is that Emmis upped the suspension to four weeks after JC had served two weeks. I suspect the initial suspension may have been genuine punishment for crossing the line. But I also suspect that Emmis took the opportunity to revisit their K-hits morning show contracts, hence the inflated extra suspension. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emmis is going to either fire JC and refuse to pay out his contract, or threaten to fire JC unless he makes huge contract concessions. We’ll probably never learn the whole story.

JC’s been comedically offensive a long time to a lot of people - That’s a huge part of his appeal. If JC steps in it, he can take care of fixing things, using his show. So it seems to me that JC’s station management might be using this suspension as a pretext for something contract related. JC didn’t do anything new.

NOW - let’s return to the original article I wrote long ago, about another incident where JC may have crossed the line. In the story below, JC spoke of politics using extreme language and imagery, and I wrote about it in order to balance out my rants against right wingers and their extreme language on talk radio.

Here’s my original article

My longtime favorite radio host, JC Corcoran, stepped in it and must apologize, by joking about the mass killing of his political opponents. I come down hard on Right Wing Radio for this kind of stuff, so I think to be fair I oughta say something about JC too.

I sure as hell don’t like it when my political friends commit outrageous excesses. I’m more used to my political enemies committing the excesses. For example, see Eliminationist rhetoric from right wing media figures must stop. See also My entire category of Propaganda-Media articles, where the Right Wing Media Nuts give me plenty to write about.

Our story today is about what a political “friend” of mine did recently. My political “friend” is a guy I’ve never met, a popular radio host in St. Louis named JC Corcoran. JC’s website is gone as of Feb 25, 2008. He used to have a website at jcontheline . com.

First I’ll tell you a little bit about JC and then I’ll get into the details of what happened.

A little bit of background about JC Corcoran

JC Corcoran has been around St. Louis radio for 20 years. He currently has a morning show in St. Louis on K-hits, with sometimes edgy material.

JC is somewhat of a civil libertarian, and we appear to share a dislike of the Republican machine. I’ve been listening to JC for a very long time, somewhere around 20 years (except during his periods of unemployment of course).

JC is my political “friend” and a member of the reality based community. I’m glad to say that those in the media who share my political philosophy seem to commit far fewer excesses than the right wingers. (But maybe that’s just a function of the relative dearth of firebrand Dems, as compared to the huge number of firebrand right wingers.)

Those of us NOT on the right like to say that we are members of the “reality based community”, and so we have less need for excess. The facts themselves tend to tell our version pretty well, about the big issues of our time. For example, we think torture is torture, and secret gulags and warrantless wiretapping of our phone conversations and emails are threats to our freedom, and Iraq isn’t going well. We are NOT unpatriotic for saying so - Screw all of you who think we are, that’s our attitude toward you.

JC speaks out about torture and gulags and wiretapping and censorship and other civil liberties issues, and is a good solid member of the reality based community. But he had a bad moment …

The Bad Unfunny Moment: JC Corcoran joked about mass killing of members of the Religious Right and PETA

JC is often critical of the religious right, as civil libertarians tend to be. The religious right don’t have a good track record of supporting personal liberty. He’s also critical of some fringe activist groups, because JC is a moderate on many things, even though he is a passionate crusader for civil liberties (for human beings).

On April 18, 2006, JC was lecturing good naturedly, throwing humor in, as he often does. And then he shocked me - I heard JC say words similar to the following: members of the religious-right should be shot and buried in mass graves, and PETA members should be forced to dig their own graves before being shot and buried. I heard him say those things, although I paraphrase a bit because I didn’t record it.

The difference, for me, between my friend committing an excess, and my enemy committing an excess, is that I give my friend the benefit of the doubt because I know he doesn’t mean it and doesn’t usually talk like that. I’m sure that’s what the right wingers say when Rush or Sean or Ann goes overboard.

Insane death-rhetoric is all too common among the right wing media nuts

For a more detailed presentation of the insane rhetoric from those wacky Right Wing media nuts, see Eliminationist rhetoric from right wing media figures must stop.

I tend to think Rush and his right wing ilk believe their own excessive statements, however, such as when they repeat their Rovian mantra that Democrats and liberals are “Hate-America traitors”. Yet, Rush and his buds won’t apologize. And the mantra propagates throughout the media. That’s systematic evil, and not an isolated episode of poor judgment. JC committed an isolated instance of excess, which he can fix and not repeat.

JC should apologize for his distasteful diatribe. He was over the top, it wasn’t funny, and it was unreasonably hurtful to the targets of his satire (who are by and large fine people peacefully trying to affect change).


END of article
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6 Responses to “OUCH! JC Corcoran suspended on excuse of offensive comments”

  1. MrWorkout in STL Says:

    You people need to quit getting your feelings hurt so bad all the time. You crusade for what you want, and you want everyone to lend an ear. Even when they don’t agree, you want them to listen. Anyone who demands an apology from anyone is a dimwit. JC had every right to speak his opinions, and NO ONE has the right to suppress his right to say whatever the hell’s on his mind. Get over yourself.

  2. Tim the RM Says:

    By the way, I’m on JC’s side of things, did you pick that up? Sounds like you think I’m “one of THEM”!

    The point of the post is that good Dems like JC lose some credibility in attacking the insane things that come out of the right wing media machine, when they engage in their own insanity.

    I know a lot of Dems would like to see the Left become just as vicious and over the top as the Right. There are good reasons for people feeling that way. You might feel that way too.

    But I’m not one of those Dems. I prefer a more respectful discourse, from all sides.

  3. MrWorkout in STL Says:

    People demanding apologies are basically requesting that someone give up their right to an opinion. No one has a right to demand an apology. If someone apologizes simply because one is demanded, then it’s not really an apology at all. As far as the Left and Right thing, they’re all dirty liars. Each party slings all the dirt they’ve got at the other, neither side is civilized.

  4. Tim the RM Says:

    The “right” to an opinion is not at issue. And I personally want to see JC build up his influence.

    The issue (for me) is whether a respectable St. Louis opinion leader such as JC diminishes his credibility by calling for the execution of the Religious Right.

    I think he does risk diminishing his credibility. And so I have suggested he take a simple corrective step.

    I expect lots of people disagree with me. Dems (like me) are fed up with the extremist talk from the Right Wing. We long for a strong Dem voice in the media to match the Right Wingers.

    However, the Right Wingers do not directly call for the death of their opponents. They vaguely call for death, with codewords like “Traitors” or “America Haters”.

    Direct call for death vs. Vague call for death —- There IS a difference - the Direct call for death is more extreme and can’t be denied or finessed.

    The Dem movement doesn’t get anywhere by being MORE extreme in speech than the Right Wingers.

  5. MrWorkout in STL Says:

    Let’s not devolve into a political discussion, as both sides like to blow smoke in their own ways. We simply need a new political party to come to power as a check/balance.

    “…My longtime favorite radio host, JC Corcoran, stepped in it and must apologize.”

    That’s your quote… sounds like a demand to me.

  6. MRAK47 Says:

    WAA WAA the right wing republicans did this and the right wings did that, JC is my friend even tho I don’t know him!!

    Seems to me like JC and you like to complain to excess, which will end up backfiring on you. Just ask JC!

    Oh and Tell JC that he can have his power lines buried to his house for about 1500.00

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OUCH! JC Corcoran suspended on excuse of offensive comments

by on Tuesday April 18, 2006.
Category: Propaganda-Media.


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