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HP Laptop dv6000 special extended warranty for failures
Posted in Category: Diversions

HP Laptop dv6000 special 24 month warranty, rather than 12 month, due to failures

Here’s my experience in using the HP special extended warranty

I bought my dv6000 laptop off the shelf in November 2006. In March 2008, my dv6000 suddenly refused to turn on. No lights, no sound, nothing. A motherboard component failed, I figure.

I did some research to see how others on the web handled this problem. I learned about a special HP extended warranty program for dv6000 owners who had this very problem (along with a few other problems that plague this particular series of laptops). The number to call is 1-866-671-7362. Here’s the link to HP’s info page about the extended warranty on the dv6000 and other series laptops. CAUTION: Your serial number must match the list in order for your laptop to be covered by the extended warranty.

I did not call HP right away, because It took a couple of weeks for me to figure out how to get my data off the laptop hard drive.

The HP laptop hard drive is a new-fangled SATA hard drive. I do not have any other PCs that use the SATA technology, and so I lacked any means of connecting the laptop hard drive to another computer in order to download the data.

To get the data off my laptop, I found some websites that taught me how to remove my laptop hard drive, and then I ordered an external 2.5 inch SATA harddrive enclosure from TigerDirect for about $20. The enclosure worked perfectly, and I downloaded my data onto another computer via a USB connection.

Then I put the harddrive back into the laptop. Then I removed the extra 1 GB memory chip I had installed, just in case the technicians decided to replace my laptop rather than repair it. Now I was ready to call HP.

I called HP April 8, 2008. When I called the HP help line at 1-866-671-7362, I got right through no waiting (1030 am on a Tuesday).

The HP telephone operator was nice, and was thorough. My serial number matched those eligible for the extended warranty. No hassles at all.

I am now waiting for the prepaid shipping container to arrive, which is supposed to be in a few days.

UPDATE: HP delivered the shipping containers right away. I returned the laptop at no cost. I got the laptop back promptly. The laptop runs fine. BUT HP wiped most of my data from the hard drive. Darn it. It took me ages to get the hard drive set up like I want. Glad I backed up the most important stuff. Did they really have to restore? … I doubt it — I think they restored just to minimize the potential for software glitches. Overall, I was very pleased with HP’s service in this instance.


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10 Responses to “HP Laptop dv6000 special extended warranty for failures”

  1. jessica Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. My DV6000 just completely died for the second time, except this time out of warranty.. I’m so glad I found your post!

  2. joel Says:

    i called the same thing, and mine is coming in all fixed tomorrow!!

  3. Rachel Says:

    I’m glad I found this. I was thinking of sending my laptop to HP to have them repair it, but I was worried that I would lose my data. How hard was it to uninstall the hard drive?

  4. tjwill Says:

    Check the web for photos and explicit directions.

    But it’s just a matter of unscrewing a few screws on the back of the laptop. Then I detached the cable from the laptop hard drive. Then I put the harddrive into a “SATA” external drivecase that I had to buy off the web. My laptop had a SATA drive. Yours probably does too.

    Then I ran a USB cable from the SATA drivecase into another PC’s USB port. Then I could download everything.

    Then I put the drive back into the laptop, re-attached the cable, and re-screwed everything.

    SATA drives are new-style. Old PCs probably have IDE or EIDE drives. That’s why I needed a SATA drivecase in order to download the data. I was not able to install the SATA-style drive into any of my old PCs.

    Good luck with it!

  5. Rachel Says:

    Ahhh okay I understand. So how do you know if another PC has a SATA style drive?

  6. tjwill Says:

    I suppose the PC would say so on the label that comes with new PCs. The Windows “System Information” program (on the Start - Programs - Accessories - systemtools menu) might also tell you the hard drive type. The Windows Device Manager might tell you the hard drive type.

    Try Google if those tips do not help.

  7. NoypiTP Says:

    TNX dude! i have the same problem i thought i was going to change my motherboard good thing i found this.

  8. JT Says:

    I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 and i’m experiencing the same problem. Computer will not turn on at all and no lights coming on. Only thing is…my product number is not on the list. Isn’t it possible that it’s the same thing causing my problem? Do you think HP will give me a hard time in getting my laptop repaired for free? I really had no idea what was causing this problem until I found this post. I was sure this was it until I followed the link and din’t find my product number on the list. Any thoughts would be appreciated….

  9. Tim the RM Says:

    I’ve read speculation that this problem is related to the motherboard and/or power supply. But I have no info on how to get new parts.

  10. ryan Says:

    my laptop is on the list and i sent it for repair i was surprise they charge me 425.80 dollars for repair they say my harddrive is shot already i cant believe that now im trying to get hold of hp to get a reimbursement i was so mad because all my files are there

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HP Laptop dv6000 special extended warranty for failures

by on Tuesday April 8, 2008.
Category: Diversions.


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